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Calgel is the world's most renowned gel manicure system since 1981. It is unlike the average gel or nail product. It does not seal off and inhibit the natural biological nail system. Being gas permeable, Calgel allows the nail to respire. Although the nail is made up of dead keratin - a non living material - it does however give off moisture and by - product vapors connected with the metabolic activity of the skin under the nail. Calgel's respiratory nature allows the nail and finger beneath to remain far more healthy and natural. There are no acrylic monomers or Methyl acrylic acid in the formulation of Calgel. These harsh chemicals are used with the traditional acrylic nail systems used in salons and have been found to cause allergic reactions in many people. Calgel has been formulated in response to the overwhelming need for an easy-to-apply and safer system to beautify nails.

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